Social Accountability System Certificate
(SA 8000:2014)

OBEETEE was awarded Social Accountability System Certificate (SA 8000) by DNV (DET NORSKE VERITAS), which is one of the most reputed auditing/certification bodies accredited by Social Accountability International of New York (, in November 2004. It has been regularly subjected to bi-annual surveillance audits and re-certification after 3 years. The company has been continuously updating its systems in line with the latest SA 8000 Standard and has been recertified in May, 2023 against SA 8000:2014.

OBEETEE is the first company in the handmade woollen carpet industry, which is a cottage industry, to have secured this prestigious certificate. It has completed almost 12 years as SA 8000 certified company.

The standard SA 8000 lays down a code of conduct which has been evolved based on ILO conventions and related International Human Right Instruments. The key areas addressed by this comprehensive standard are:

• Child labor
• Forced labor
• Health and safety
• Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
• Discrimination
• Disciplinary practices
• Working hours
• Control of supplier/sub-contractors
• Compliance of the applicable laws
• Remuneration/Wages
• Effective implementation of the requirements and continual improvements

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OBEETEE - SA 8000:2014
Fair Trade
No child labor

As a pioneer in establishing effective methods to battle the use of illegal child labor, Obeetee maintains the highest standards of workplace conditions and accountability. Our weavers and supporting manufacturers are amongst the best paid in the industry and receive superior benefits, which results in exceptionally high employee retention rates at all levels of work.


Through a network of 24 satellite depots, Obeetee has over 75 fulltime executives and supervisors whose sole purpose is to inspect our 10,000 looms and tufting frames over an area of nearly 60,000 square miles. Every loom is inspected at least once every 15 days with additional surprise inspections from the head office at least once every 60 days. From these inspections, the company maintains detailed information on each and every weaver and their families to ensure that only those approved by OBEETEE are working on our products. This inspection system, which Obeetee developed during the 1980’s, along with other product quality controls, is random, frequent, and thoroughly documented.

carpet control number

Each OBEETEE carpet has a control number established before it is even made so that a detailed history of the carpet can be easily accessed and audited for completeness and accuracy, even after the carpet is sold to the final consumer.


For more than a decade, and through the production of more than 500,000 carpets, not one instance of illegal child labor has ever been discovered. It is this system of inspection that ensures a policy of zero tolerance and OBEETEE strongly encourages our industry peers to implement these same procedures in the production of their own products.

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Company Policy

We, at Obeetee Private Limited, are committed to provide quality products in the international business of Carpets and Floor coverings by adopting socially accountable business practices and ethics that promote:

• Customer satisfaction of a high order
• Total involvement of managers and employees
• Safe & healthy work environment
• Continuous improvement of skills and quality

We will abide by all relevant statutory rules and regulations, international instruments for the improvement of labour welfare, and also draw inspiration from the established value system of OBEETEE’s practices and policies.

We are committed to meet all requirements of SA 8000 Standard and shall strive for continual improvement, leading to better quality of life of our employees.

This policy shall be made available to all personnel of the company and on request to interested parties. The policy is also openly available at any time through our website,

Gaurav Sharma
Managing Director
Dated: April 28, 2014

OBEETEE has been conferred the prestigious Social Accountability (SA 8000) Certification from Social Accountability International .

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